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Wanted - workshop instructors for kindergartens

In order to expand the activity of the studio, and to provide a unique class to kindergartens, throughout the country, we are looking for instructors, part-time / full-time.

Fixed hours in fixed gardens in the guide's residential area (you can also choose to go to remote areas, at the guide's choice).

Unique creative materials!   Training and accompaniment as needed!! High salary, with the possibility of bonuses - salary of  70 NIS per meeting (which lasts between 45-60 minutes),  20 NIS for travel, and payment for organization time .


Human relations, and a fondness for working with small children.

Teaching certificate or art therapy - a big advantage!

A car, not mandatory, but mobility to get to the gardens (on time) is an advantage


Men are required to sign a police form on the absence of sexual offenses.


You can find out more, available for any question, welcome.

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